Life Planner

I think I might’ve stumbled onto something…something great!  First, a little back story:

Personally, I like to keep track of appointments on a calendar that you actually write on. I don’t live and die by my phone, as in I hardly remember to take it with me when I leave the house, so I have a small planner in my purse to jot done important future stuff. This winter, I was looking for a 2015 version and came across Erin Condren’s site. She creates wonderful Life Planners, like planners on steroids! A little pricy, but, in the end, I think it’ll be well worth it. This is not a plug to sell more of her stuff, just my own thoughts on how I want to utilize a Life Planner. Back story done.

So, how will I use it? I figured a Life Planner is really too much just to write down a doctor’s appointment here and there or to keep track of family/friend birthdays. *Lightbulb!!* I will use it when doing genealogical research!! For myself and for future clients! There are monthly layouts and then weekly layouts, so you can see the “big” picture and then narrow it down to specific days. There is space for notes on the margin and two pockets in the back for receipts, lined and blank pages, etc. Stickers galore (blank and preprinted and repositionable)! For research, using my Ford research, my thought is use the month spread to lay out a general outline of who/what/where I want to research on the Ford line.  On the week-at-a-glance spread, break down the days into specific areas of research, such as “Monday of Week #3, search Fold3 for Lyman Ford.” If I don’t get to it, I think I will simply cross it out (or reposition the sticker), telling myself it still needs to be done. I’ll check it off if I complete it, then I’ll have a record of when I did that search. Maybe use a checkmark and plus sign for positive findings and a checkmark and hyphen for negative findings. Checkmark and question mark for more work needs to be done! I’ll add any conferences I attend and other repositories. I’ll still add my day-to-day appointments so I don’t schedule a doctor’s appointment while I’m in Ohio for 3 days!

Another neat thing about these Life Planners, the covers are interchangeable and can be personalized. Life Planners are not the only thing available, oh no. Think notebooks, calling cards, more stickers, pens, and lots more.  I have a feeling I’ll be spending a small fortune on this website!

IMG_0526  IMG_0528

ETA: As soon as I received my Life Planner, I had an urgent date to add to it. I’ll be part of a focus group on 12 Feb with the Indiana Historical Society, discussing possible topics that Hoosiers would like to see more of in a traveling museum…so excited for this! My town was one of four towns in Indiana chosen as a focus group. If you’re a Hoosier and would like to weigh in, contact me by 11 Feb!!

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