Genealogy Do-Over~Week 1

Week 1: 2 Jan-8 Jan 2015

I’ve decided to work on a do-over with my research on John Ford, my 3rd-great-GF (paternal), or, more precisely, John Ford’s parents and family.

*Setting Previous Research Aside
I’ve decided to modify this a bit since I’ve accumulated quite a bit of information about Mr. Ford himself. I’m going to get what I have better organized. I have digital information, hard copy information, stuff saved in Evernote…all of this needs to be properly organized and cited.

*Preparing to Research (Further)
I am going to devise a research plan to make better educated searches for information. In Indiana, I need to better search the county where John Ford lived, I need to request his compiled service record from NARA, I need to better research the county in Ohio where he was first married, Sacket Harbor in NY where he was discharged in 1829, why he lived in Arkansas, etc. Oops, I about fell down the rabbit hole! Thus, I need a written research plan combined with a research log, possibly in Excel, to track research progress. Luckily, a member of the Genealogy Do-Over FB group shared an Excel template for a research log, and it is excellent! (Thank you Ellen Coulter!)

*Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines
I’m using RootsMagic7 and have added Folder Marker to my computer to match folder colors to RM7 colors for family lines.
I need to learn to add source citations to images (practiced doing this on this post).
I need to do this as soon as I scan the image into the computer…NO WAITING!
Save digital info to Evernote to my main folder, then move to appropriate family folders to keep organized, using appropriate note titles and tags.
Use Evidentia to its fullest potential for citing my sources, beginning with building a case for the Ford family.
Become BFFs with Evidence Explained!

On a side note, this first day of Genealogy Do-Over I actually did a bit of research for the project I’m working on for future BCG certification. This project will require further research in Ohio; I hope to attend the OGS annual conference in April to work on that. Fingers crossed!

ETA: I began this post on 2 Jan 2015. Since then, I’ve figured out how to add citations to images and save as .pdf files, I’ve color coded my folders on my hard drive to match my family lines in RootsMagic7, I have done some digital organizing of said files, and I have spreadsheets for research logging and census tracking. I have the next couple days off work so I plan to begin adding sources to Evidentia!

One thought on “Genealogy Do-Over~Week 1

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I am impressed with what you have done in this Do Over. Since I am still “doing” the first time, I am not yet ready to do over!

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