Thomas Pearson (b: ca 1751 in England)

This is my Revolutionary War patriot, the one for my DAR application.  He has been proven.  He is my 5th-great-grandfather.

Thomas (1751) > Thomas (1783) > Nancy (1809) > Amos (1840) > Harvey (1890) > Donald (1915) > my mom > me

Since Thomas (1751) has been proven as the father of Thomas (1783), I needed to prove my kinship to Nancy and Nancy’s kinship to her father. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but Nancy’s father wrote a letter to Nancy and Aaron Ballard, her husband, detailing his children and their birth/death dates. And the letter survives! This is good because Nancy’s father did not leave a will.

Thomas Pearson fought at the Battle of Waxhaws in South Carolina in 1780 and suffered injuries to his face and arm that incapacitated him for the rest of his life.  It is thought that he married a woman by the last name Palmer shortly after the Revolutionary War.  It is thought her name was Elizabeth, but that has not been proven.

Thomas and [Elizabeth] Palmer Pearson’s children were, in no particular order (thank you, Mr. Mark Dixon, for graciously sharing the info you received from Ms. Gertrude Mann regarding the Pearson children):

Thomas, b: 23 March 1783 (per letter written by himself to Aaron/Nancy Ballard)









Benjamin A.

While working on my DAR application, a distant cousin of Thomas Pearson, the Patriot, shared with me photos of a Pearson family Bible she has in her possession.  I thank her greatly for sharing the pictures (Ms. Rebecca Reuben Dyer). The Bible itself is very fragile and delicate; I very much appreciate Ms. Dyer for taking the time to get wonderful pictures of it to share. The handwriting in the Bible matches the handwriting in the letter (a very unique capital P is written).

pearsonbible1 pearsonbible2

Now, the story is Thomas Pearson, the Patriot, came from England and purportedly married in Loudoun County, VA. I think I might turn my attention to passenger lists and Pearsons in England, though I know that task might be insurmountable with his common given name of Thomas.

On a similar note, my DAR application is ready to be signed and sent!! I have turned my attention to finishing my Civil War Society applications; I have 3 to do and 1 is nearly finished. My goal is to have these all turned in by 31 Dec 2014!

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