Saturday Night Genealogy Fun~Do/Did Your Children Know Their Great-Grandparents?

I’ve been buried this week! My DAR application is getting involved now, as are my 2 Civil War lineage society apps! Plus, I need to get on the ball with scanning into the computer the documents I’ve found.

But, onto this week’s challenge!

1) My kids were born in 1997 and 2000. They met their paternal maternal grandfather, Harold C. Ford, and actually knew their maternal paternal grandmother, Florence W. Walker. We have pictures of the kids with both of them.

2) I was born in 1971, the first child of the last child on my mother’s side so my maternal maternal and paternal great-grandparents had passed quite some time before my birth, like in the 1950s. My paternal paternal great-grandparents had also been deceased for some time. My maternal paternal great-grandmother, Ida Cole Maxwell, was still alive at the time of my birth, but I never got to meet her unfortunately.

3) No grandchildren yet!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun~Do/Did Your Children Know Their Great-Grandparents?

  1. I’ve got a couple still kicking, and they don’t mind calling me up and giving me a piece of their minds: “I was talking with your mother, and I’m just hoping I heard wrong” (tattoo). “I’ve made it more than 90 years but you’re the thing that’s going to kill me” (eloped).

  2. Dana says:

    I was excited Randy chose one of my posts as his basis for the SNGF challenge this week! Since I already told about myself & my daughter, I looked at my husband instead. Like my daughter, he knew four of his great grandparents! And, they lived close enough to him & lived long enough that he really knew them. I never knew any of mine. But, my daughter has also known 4, though she only remembers two. (One passed away last year & one is still living.) But, I can always tell her stories of those who passed awa!

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