Sorry I’ve been MIA recently…I’m going to the Allen County Public Library tomorrow and have been doing research out the yahoo to prepare for the trip (so that when I get there, I’m not totally bumbling around). I have had some BIG finds in my Ford research, which is located in northwest New York State in the mid to late 1700s. I have a few titles to pull that I need for my DAR application research. I just hope I have enough time before they close tomorrow to look at all I want to look at!

With the Fords in NW New York State, they were very close to the Canadian border. I found on the 1820 census that my 4th-great-GF’s household included TWO foreigners, not naturalized! Methinks his wife, Prudence Bennett, and possibly either a brother or sister of hers were from Canada. I’ve been working forward and backward from that 1820 census to approximate years of birth (their son said that they had had 13 children and so far I think I have most of the male children’s names; females are a different story; I need to look at birth/marriage/death records from the area during that time to see if I can find females with the parents of Nathan/Nathaniel and Prudence).

More to come when I (hopefully) find it!

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  1. I am also researching John Ford. I am a gggrandaughter of John from the last marriage, have his war records and Caroline’s information. I have been stuck for years on John’s parents going from the information in the History of Sullivan County with a Nathan m Prudence Bennett etc. which I think you have found.
    I would love to communicate with you. There is a cousin living near Indy who is from the first marriage, Mary Hill-Lyman.
    Please contact me so we can share.
    Barbara Carmel

    • Hi there! Nathaniel and Prudence are a mystery! The best I can come up with for now on Nathaniel is he must’ve died shortly after arriving to Genesee County, NY. He is not on the 1830 census, but Prudence is. I have been working on siblings of John and I think I have a good handle on the brothers but not the sisters. I really need to visit Genesee County to research. Also, I cannot find any sort of marriage information for a Nathaniel Ford and Prudence Bennett. Did you read my post about Nathaniel buying land in Genesee County from an Archibald Bennett? Archibald Bennett wound up in Decatur County, IN, in the early 1830s. He applied for Rev War pension, and one of the witnesses was named John Ford (not ours, but a relative I believe, as the John Ford in Decatur Co at that time is older than John Ford b 1808). I believe there is a Ford/Bennett connection going back even before Nathaniel and Prudence. I am also descended from the first marriage and John’s son Lyman. Do you know who is near Indy who is also descended from Lyman?

      Thanks so much for writing!! Right now, I’m in the process of pulling together the paperwork to prove John and Lyman as my ancestors who fought in the Civil War. Proving the connection between John and Lyman is not very easy! 🙂

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