Saturday Night Genealogy Fun~How Many Sarah LNU’s Are in Your Genealogy Database?

Mr. Randy Seaver’s challenge this week is a good one! I don’t have nearly the number of people in my database that Mr. Seaver does, but I still have some with LNU (last name unknown). No Sarah’s though!

I have a Mary and an Eleanor.

1) Mary was the wife of Ezra James Carpenter, one of my 3rd-great-grandmothers. They had a daughter named Elizabeth, who went by Lizzie, who married William T. Abbott; they had a daughter named Nora Belle who married Harvey Ballard; they had a son named Donald Guy, my grandfather. I haven’t revisited this research in some time, so I did a little snooping on and found Mary’s maiden name…Devore! A new avenue to explore!

2) Eleanor was the mother of the second wife of my 4th-great-GF, Amos Ballard, Jane Kenney. Amos & Jane were married during the first decade of the 19th century, so Eleanor was probably born mid 1700s. Since this marriage is not a direct line to me I haven’t given it too much of my time. I need to, though, to try to complete that line as best possible.

Thank you, Mr. Seaver, for pushing me to do a bit of extra research this weekend! šŸ™‚

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