Question for the Audience

Background info: I’m getting documents together to apply to a Civil War lineage society. My great-grandfather was the son of a Civil War veteran, and my great-grandfather died in my hometown. I don’t have his death certificate, so I thought I’d drop by the health department and have one printed. The clerk in the office enters the data from the original death record book and then prints either a certified or noncertified copy, the certified copy obviously more expensive than a noncertified copy. And I needed a certified copy.

Situation: The information in the death record book was very thorough, actually, in listing my great-grandfather’s parents and their places of birth, his cause of death, place of burial, etc. Later, when examining the certified printed certificate, I realized the clerk had not filled in my great-grandfather’s parent’s name, which is kind of crucial considering his father was the Civil War vet. Sigh! While at the health department, though, the clerk did let me take pictures of the entries for my great-grandfather.

Question: Should I contact the health department and ask them to re-do the certificate including the left-off information that is important in this case? Or use the images I took? I’m leaning toward calling them and having them re-do it.

What say you all?

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