Saturday Night Genealogy Fun…Genea-Bucket List!

Here is the link to the mission:

Where to begin?!

1.  Ancestral places to visit:

a.     In the US, several different counties in Virginia, including Grayson, Franklin, Henry, Bedford, Orange; Logan County, KY; Putnam County, TN; Cincinnati, OH; Sullivan County, IN; Verona, NY; Muscatine, IA. To be more specific, I’d like to try to pinpoint where my ancestors lived in these places and visit those sites.

b.     Ireland, once I figure out where my Doyle, Fitzgerald, and Hanlon ancestors came from!

c.     Germany, once I figure out where my Lichtenfels and Mayer ancestors came from!

d.     England, once I figure out where my Ballard ancestors came from!

2.  My own office at home! I have many records to store, plus books and other reference materials. I need more space!

3.  Pictures of the ancestors! I have very few pictures of people going back to the great generation and beyond. I’d give nearly anything to be able to see these people.

4.  I’d love to win the Flip Pal scanner here: What a wonderful tool!

5.  Have access to certain repositories, i.e., Catholic records in Cincinnati (once the Archdiocese archives reopen, I hope they decide to continue taking genealogical requests).

6.  Like Mr. Seaver’s list, I’d also like to attend all the national conferences of a year, plus any others I could squeeze in. I attended FGS in 2013, my first major conference, then a Germanic genealogy conference in Minnesota earlier this year, the NGS in Richmond, VA, this year, and Midwestern Roots 2014 recently. I’m getting ready to go to KY for a 1-day symposium and have a couple other 1-day events lined up this year. I’m already mapping out 2015 and 2016!

7.  I tend to forget about the New England Historic Genealogical  Society folks, but I need to pay more attention to what they have to offer. I have ancestors that I can trace back to northern New York in the early 19th century and the NEHGS might be the place to turn for more help with them.

That’s a lot of wishes but fun to think about. 🙂

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