Module #4: NGS American Genealogical Studies

Family stories! So many of them! Belief tradition is the focus of this module and is the least reliable. It is a story passed down through generations; there is “trust that there is truth in the story.”

A verbal story shared with me by my late aunt was about the brother of her grandmother. Her grandmother/my great-grandmother lived in Cincinnati. Apparently, my great-grand uncle was involved with a married lady. The husband of the married lady found out about this, procured a jar of acid, and approached my great-grand uncle at the train station and hurled the acid into his face. My great-grand uncle remained single for the rest of his life due to his facial disfigurement. I hope to find maybe a newspaper writeup or possibly civil charges in court records about this. According to the last census enumeration for my great-grand uncle, he was listed as single. Is there truth to this?

I found some written memories when going through some items of my late aunt’s. The memories were written by her aunt and had I not found them I would’ve never known about them.


This is the first of a few handwritten pages, written by my grand-aunt, Caroline (Mayer) Appleby, detailing her memory of Katy Doyle of Cincinnati. What a treasure! However, it brings some questions about Katy. Katy Doyle, her grandmother, was actually born in Pennsylvania in about 1853. The mother of John Doyle immigrated over from Ireland, probably about age 16, so I need to do further research on which Kate Doyle she means. Gotta love those naming patterns!

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