Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

Please see Mr. Randy Seaver’s post:

I chose my great-grandfather Thomas Mayer, born in 1881. Divide his year of birth by 80, and my “roulette number” is 23.51. I rounded up to 24, which led me to a 2nd-great-GF, Dr. Amos Benton Ballard. He was born on 24 February 1840 in Indiana and died on 23 July 1897, also in Indiana.

Three facts about Dr. Amos Benton Ballard:
* He shared his day of birth with a younger brother, both born on 24 February.
* He earned his medical degree in 1873 in Cincinnati, and I have his sheepskin degree.
* Not sure if this is a fact, but a child was listed in his obituary that I have no proof of…working on that!
* For fun, he was married 3 times, the 3rd wife being my 2nd-great-GM.
* Before being a doctor, he was a teacher, preacher, and dentist!

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