Another Brick…Busted!

I was reviewing copies of Catholic records I had requested and realized that John C. Lichtenfels’ middle name was part of his last daughter’s baptism record…Conrad. His will has a middle name of Henry. My best guess for his name would be John Conrad Henry Lichtenfels, or Johann Conrad Heinrich Lichtenfels. I mentioned that a Conrad Lichtenfels immigrated to Indiana about the same time as my John C. Lichtenfels and the family story was a younger brother immigrated with him. In doing some German research, I found Conrad’s father was Conrad who had a brother Philipp. I’m wondering if my John C. was Conrad’s cousin and his father was Philipp?

A quick search on for Johann Conrad Lichtenfels brought up a christening record for a boy born 17 July 1800 to a Philipp and Magdalena (Mueller) Lichtenfels in Langensteinbach, Karlsruhe, Baden.  I’m excited to be moving my research closer to Germany!

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