Upcoming Conference

I’ll be attending the Midwestern Roots 2014 Family History and Genealogy Conference in Indianapolis, IN, sponsored by the Indiana Historical Society later this month. I am excited about this because I actually have a hotel room in the hotel where the conference is being held!!

I am also excited about the offered sessions. I’ll be attending 5 sessions on Friday and 5 on Saturday, plus spending time at the IN State Archives the Thursday before and attending the Friday night dinner.

At the Archives, I plan to do research on 3 of my ancestors who served in the Civil War and check into more naturalization records. Some of the sessions I plan on attending are:

Building a Research Toolbox
Finding Females
Managing Your Genealogy Data
Future Technology and Genealogy

The theme of the conference is: “Exploring Frontiers: What Would Your Pioneers Have Tweeted?” Actually, I like this idea and I did think about what my ancestors would’ve tweeted:

Maternal grandfather: He was a loud blowhard, so he would’ve used Twitter for all its worth. He was also a photographer, so I’m sure he’d tweet a lot of pictures. He also was interested in our family history so maybe he would’ve used Twitter to find cousins? His tweet: “I love my Caddy although I work for the UAW. Now look at this picture of it!”
Maternal grandmother: She could not have cared less about what Twitter was, just so long as she had a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Tweet: “…”
Paternal grandfather: See above, minus the cigarette. Tweet: “…”
Paternal grandmother: I think she would’ve used Twitter for recipes and fashion. Tweet: “Just made the best blackberry pie! Found a new apron pattern in BH&G!”

Watch for upcoming posts on my time at this conference!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Conference

    • Thank you! I’m excited that it’s just down the road from me. Fort Wayne is close by, too, and that’s always a plus. Hopefully, the wifi connection at the hotel is decent so I can live blog and tweet! 🙂

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