Small World

Background: I’m part of an NGSQ discussion group (National Genelogical Society Quarterly). The article to discuss in July 2014 is titled “Finding the Father of Henry Pratt of Southeastern Kentucky” written by Warren C. Pratt, Ph.D., in the June 2012 issue.

Imagine my surprise while reading the article that a familiar surname pops out, in the location and time period that is of some interest to me. The surname is Witt, the place is Bedford County, VA, and the time period late 18th century to early 19th century.

Aaron Ballard, my 3rd-great-GF, born 1796, married a woman by the name of Elizabeth Witt, born in Bedford County, VA, in 1804, in Logan County, KY, in 1822. The story he told my 3rd-great-GM was the first wife died soon after they wed in 1822 and had no children. He married my 3rd-great-GM in 1832. I wanted to know more about the first wife and was a bit shocked at what I discovered. More about this story in the future!

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