Interesting Memory

As a kid, I loved to read. As I child of the weird and wonderful 70s, reading and playing outside was about all there was to do. My favorite author then was none other than Laura Ingalls Wilder (plus the TV show). Not only did I love to read, but I would write short stories about young girls who lived in the 1800s with names like Amelia and Evelyn. Maybe that is part of what drives my passion for family history. As a senior in high school, I read Gone With The Wind…twice. If fan fiction was a thing in 1989 (that I knew about), I would’ve continued the story. Back to Little House On The Prairie, I had the entire set and read and re-read those books.

Since I can remember, I have enjoyed reading about family history and now I hope to write it for real.

My days of reading Ingalls Wilder ended when I discovered Stephen King.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Memory

  1. When we were in North Carolina a few weeks ago, my grandmother gave me her copies of the Little House series. She got them as a Christmas present from her mother when she was 14. (I asked my great grandmother about this, and she said that she’d hoped books would occupy her daughter’s time instead of boys.) I’ve never read them, but I have read pretty extensively from Rose Wilder Lane, Wilder’s daughter, a founder of the Libertarian movement in the US.

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