I graduated from high school and have some college under my belt, but that was years ago…so long ago that the credits wouldn’t even transfer now if I wanted them to.

I want to do something in genealogy. Maybe research for others? Maybe writing? Not teaching! Public speaking…ugh, my own personal hell. I wouldn’t mind mentoring, though.

Of course, I have looked into genealogical education. The National Genealogical Society (NGS), of which I am a proud member, offers a home study course. They are just now putting courses on the cloud so I’m starting there. My goal is to become a certified genealogist through evaluation by the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). (Make note of all the acronyms; I will use them frequently.) You might note a recurring theme…I value certification in one’s chosen field. Once you apply to BCG to make them aware of your intentions, you have 1 year to complete your portfolio. If I ever title a post “On The Clock,” you’ll know my 1 year has begun.

What does concern me, though, is I notice a lot of professional genealogists have had previous illustrious careers. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t intimidate me. Lawyers, corporate executives, many folks with advanced degrees…all I am really good at is typing fast and looking stuff up.

Unfortunately, I am still working full-time in a job that really has no future. Those 40+ hours per week take up a significant amount of time, so I try to add 2-4 hours of genealogy per night, as if it were my part-time job. Goal: Full-time career!

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