Blog name: Why?

In genealogical research, citations of your sources are gold! They support your claim, or argument, or negative evidence, as the case may be. Citations are of the utmost importance, letting others know you did the research and here is where you can find it. In pondering a name for my blog, I thought, “What is most important to me (in my family history research)?” My gut reaction: THE PEOPLE! My people, more specifically.

Also, I liked how Life/Citation sounded like ‘excitation’…in other words, let’s get fired up about learning your past!

Just like my ancestors left clues here and there about their lives, I’m thinking forward to future generations who will follow me and leaving them some citations of my own.

I don’t want to over-think the blog name too much, just let it take on a life of its own (yep, pun intended) and grow and evolve to become its own entity.

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